Weekly message from August 17th

Weekly message from Sister Lambert (missionary)

Good morning, Sisters. I hope you are doing well and getting ready for a new school year and recovery from a busy summer. I love the changes that come from seasons–not just the weather but the seasons of our lives as well.

One of our facilitators, Janna, sent this link to me and I felt that it would be worthwhile for each of you. It’s a talk given by a BYU professor about safeguarding our children against pornography. Here is the blurb: Jason Carroll Ph.D, professor at BYU speaks about how parents can protect and begin to educate their children and teens about the dangers of Pornography. He identifies key ways that parents can handle this important topic.

Pornography and Pornography Addiction has a become a pandemic in our society. Children are being exposed at a very early age, and many are rapidly falling into addictive behaviors. Jason Carroll is an expert on this topic and helps clear the waters on how to move forward and not be scared of addressing this issue.

The video is available at this site: http://salifeline.org/videos/safeguarding-childrenfrom-pornography/

This week at our meeting we will discuss Appendix 3: identifying unhealthy behaviors and how we can better identify them in order to eliminate the behaviors and be healthier and happier. We will talk about “rescuing behaviors” such as denial and enabling; “persecuting behaviors” such as threats, shame, irrational behaviors, and controlling and manipulating; and “suffering behaviors” such as remaining a victim, the drama triangle, guilt, and worry and fear. Do any of those describe moments or thoughts in your life? I know I’ve experienced (and entertained) all of them at one time or another–and not found solutions or progress when I do. It’s a struggle but we can all become healthier and happier by identifying and understanding the unhealthy behaviors in our lives.What a wonderful gift we can give ourselves and everyone in our lives, not to mention the Savior. This step helps us to “Let Go and Let God.” As Sheri Dew once said, “God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give Him all the pieces.” He wants us to be healthier, happier people and this step is a huge step in the right direction.

I hope you will join us Thursday night as we learn and grow together. Attending the meetings is such a wonderful way to show our support of each other and lift up the heads that hang down (and get ours lifted, as well).

Love and prayers to each of you,

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  1. This is great post. Thank you!

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