Weekly message

The following is the weekly, uplifting message from one of our special missionaries, Sister Karen Lambert:

Hello, dear sisters. I hope you had a fun holiday and are having a great week. I went to my mom’s new branch on Sunday and heard a delightful talk on “Faith in Every Footstep.” What a great way to think about those who have gone before us as well as the pioneers of today, such as each one of us, who are trodding difficult paths in unknown territories with faith and a belief that the Lord will support us and help us reach our eternal goals.We are pioneers in our fight against pornography and our commitment to forge ahead with faith in every footstep. You are amazing women who show courage and faith to those around you–I know that because I see it and feel it when I am with you. I’m really looking forward to being with you again this week and hope to see familiar as well as new faces in our support group.

There is a very nice video on YouTube and posting often on Facebook that is a visual of one of Elder Holland’s talks on pornography. If you haven’t seen it, please take a minute and watch it: http://lds.org/pages/watch-your-step. I think it really demonstrates the pornography problem and it’s impact on the family as well as the internal struggle that is so difficult to control.

This week we will be discussing Step 1: KEY PRINCIPLE: Come to admit that we are powerless over the addiction of another and recognize that our lives have become unmanageable. Sometimes (okay, all the time for me) it is hard for some of us who may be control oriented, to admit we are powerless and then to recognize how unmanageable our life has become. We will discuss the Lord’s gift of free agency and how, even if we wanted to, we can not override agency. Admitting that we are powerless over the addiction of another and recognizing how our efforts to control others will make our lives miserable, allows us to begin a healthier way of interacting with our addicted loved ones. Please join us as we work together to understand this important principle and start (or start anew) our new life path with faith in every footstep.

I do hope to see you Thursday night at 7:30! Love and prayers to all, Karen

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