The Infinite Atonement

I just got finished reading a book titled, “The Infinite Atonement.” I believe the depth and understanding of the Atonement is endless and at least in this life we will never fully understand it. But this book taught me a lot and helped me understand more than I have before. I knew the atonement was the ticket to overcoming and healing from my husband’s addiction and that is what interested me in this book, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the atonement. I have read this book in small increments so I can ponder the teachings and understand them so it has taken me a long time to read ( I also intend to read this over and over) However, the book is fairly easy to understand and not “above my head”. It talks about everything from the creation and fall that made the atonement necessary to what all the atonement encompasses including healing from sin, hurts, etc. To the expanse and endless eternity of time included in the atonement, the Earth itself and many other things. The depth and expanse of the atonement is more than I ever imagined. It talks about how to apply the atonement in our lives and why Jesus was the only one who could do it and the plan of happiness. It talks about how the atonement fits with the laws of justice and mercy.

One of the things I recently read was how once we exercise our agency and let God help us he won’t stop at helping us with the one issue we went to him for, He will continue to remove weaknesses and trouble areas until we are perfect unless we reject his help. As I read this I thought the twelve steps were proof that statement is true. I went to twelve step and pleaded to my Heavenly Father to help me in this addiction crisis. Little did I know in the end it would be less about my husband’s addiction and more about my own flaws. Christ truly wants to use his healing powers to make me the best person possible. It is not easy and not always very pleasant and requires a lot of effort but as long as I don’t quit, neither will he . . Ever!

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