Prosecuting illegal pornography

 An anonymous contributor sent me the following:  (p.s. I realize the dates given are past but I think it is still helpful to be aware and we can still share our comments with our appropriate leaders)
The Department of Justice has stopped all investigation and prosecution of illegal adult pornography.
Attorney General Eric Holder says that they won’t put resources there because people don’t care.  We want to demonstrate forcibly that people do care about this issue by making our voices heard this week.  We will all call the U.S. Attorney General this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to let him know that we want illegal pornography prosecuted. It will take just two minutes.
Join half the members of the Senate who are asking the Department of Justice to address this important issue.
Call the Attorney General:
1. Tell the Attorney General pornography harms children, families and individuals.
2. Explain that you’re disappointed that they have stopped all investigation and prosecution of ILLEGAL adult pornography.
3. Demand that they vigorously prosecute!

Call on May 2, 3 or 4th    202 353 1555.

This campaign is sponsored by Family Leader and a coalition of national groups who seek to stamp out pornography.

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