Hiding Weaknesses

An anonymous contributor e-mailed me the following:

I just found a series of good articles written by a woman (not LDS, but Christian) that I liked:   http://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriage/sex_and_intimacy/building_a_pure_marriage/out_of_the_bushes.aspx

I too enjoyed this.  It is so true that when we hide our weaknesses it keeps us in bondage and continues to give power to Satan to control us and allow us to feel weak and vulnerable.  Once weaknesses are admitted and taken responsibility for, we can begin the process of evicting Satan from our hearts and opening the door for the healing power of Jesus Christ and to feel at peace again and to move forward.  The interesting thing is that even though it is intimidating to admit weaknesses we actually feel more love and respect from our leaders and loved ones instead of the expected condemnation.  The pathway forward is not always easy but I know it is much easier than the alternative and much more rewarding and joyful!

Thank you anonymous contributor for your many contributions.  We all become aware of various articles, news, talks, etc that are helpful and if we each share what we learn it helps all of us learn and grow and find the many resources available to us.

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