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I am sorry I have not been posting much lately we have been so busy with spring break, Easter, birthdays, etc. I will be adding material to the the pages for step 2, 3, and 4 soon so watch for it. I have had some people ask how to get updates or notices when a new post is made. From what I have learned, but I am new at blogging, you, as a follower, need to have your own blog that is linked to this blog then you can be notified of new posts. There is another website that you can go through to set up notifications but I can’t remember it right now. I will get that information and post it. I am also asking for comments and contributions. We all have different struggles and triumphs that I feel we can greatly strengthen one another by sharing those things. I have learned so much from others so please share your comments and if you have a new post or story you would like to share you can email it to goodwasatchwomen@gmail and I can add it as a new post. The need for strength and support is great and I want this to be an avenue for that.

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2 Responses to Comments Please

  1. Anonymous contributor says:

    The other way you can get updates is through google reader. You have to be a follower of this blog and then it will let you know when it was updated last.

  2. dala2011 says:

    I wanted to share information I got today. The Attorney General and the Dept. of Justice apparently are putting not only fewer, but now NO resources into investigating and prosecuting pornography– which is illegal. They said that people don’t care about enforcing these laws.

    Well, I care! And many do. Meridian magazine wrote about this push to get people to call on May 2-4th, but do it any day.

    Write or call the Dept. of Justice and leave a voice message to let them know we do care about prosecuting pornography makers. The phone number is 202 353 1555. You can also leave them an email at :

    The phone number given at Meridian Magazine didn’t actually work so I found this other number (from a M. Mag commenter). Here’s the link if you are interested:

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