Sanity in not having tv

posted by: Sacajawea

I was thinking today that I really believe a part of my husband’s and my sanity, and the love and passion that is in our marriage, comes from not having t.v. in our home.  Really! T.V. takes over, like a loud, obnoxious relative in a room.

We didn’t mean not to have t.v.;  we just never got antennaes and then never paid for cable.  (Now we do have antennae but we almost never have time or desire to turn it on.  We get daily news from the Internet, anyway.)

If my son were to have said what his friend said the other day about his dad having a t.v. girlfriend that he loves, that isn’t his mom, I would have been extremely hurt and felt wedged.

The rightful sense of belonging to your true love gets damaged by the inevitable possessive/jealousy thinking that happens when women (at least this woman) are wondering if their man is being seduced by whatever actress is prancing around half-dressed in front of him on t.v. –And I am sure it can go for both genders.  It’s just not helpful.

Lots of t.v. is innocent.  They display human bodies with respect and dignity.  But lots of t.v. is just a hair away from being pornographic in spirit.

There are many stops on spectrum of displaying human bodies in the media.  It goes from wholesomely pretty on the innocent side, to sexy-pretty in the middle, to seductively sexual–deliberately aiming to derail others’ consciousness, on the other side.

How many people are equipped to sense that sly move easily?  We can get so distracted by the plot of the story or the interesting aspects of the show that they ignore the obvious intrusions on wholesomeness.  I think it is a very subtle and widespread tool of Satan that gives people whiffs of sexuality at inappropriate times, and slowly desensitizes people to the offense to their love that they’d otherwise take.

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