In Trying Times, Just Keep Trying

I recently read a book by Merrilee Boyack titled “In Trying Times, Just Keep Trying”.  It is without a doubt a favorite for me and one I should read every year at least.  It helped me a lot to “just keep trying”.

There are ten chapters in the book as follows: 1) Facing the Storms of Life, 2) Choosing to Stay True and Faithful, 3) Choosing to be Positive and Grateful, 4) Choosing to Learn and Grow, 5) Choosing to Fight and Win, 6) Choosing to Love, Listen, and Fill our Lives with Light, 7) Choosing to Nourish Body and Soul, 8) Choosing to Celebrate the Good, 9) Choosing to Let Go and Heal, and 10) Choosing to Move Forward.

As you can see it is a theme that we “choose”.  The author of this book went through many hard trials and is learning many lessons and choosing to use the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.  It was very motivating and inspiring for me and made me recommit to be a better person and CHOOSE to be faithful, grateful, choose to learn, love, fill my life with light, choose to be healed.  The book is not only motivating but helped me learn how to do it, how to get through, how to fill myself with positive affirmations.


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