This Weeks Message (September 1st)

From Sister Lambert (Missionary)

I hope each of you knows that the meetings are a safe, healing place where we learn solutions to the challenges we are facing. We have all experienced suffering and have compassion for one another. We are no longer alone; in our meetings we have found friends to help us. We would love to have you each join us to be uplifted and to uplift those who are there. Anonymity is protected–we only use first names and we never discuss who we saw or what we heard while at the meetings. The meetings are held on Thursday nights at 7:30pm at the family employment center in Heber (on 200 West and about 500 South–east side of the street). Women enter on the east side–look for the green signs.

This week we will be discussing “Solutions for Unhealthy Behaviors.” We will learn how to surrender our emotions by becoming aware, identifying our emotions, owning our emotions, and surrendering our emotions to the Savior. As the Psalmist wrote: “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalms 34:4). We will also discuss the very important topic of setting healthy boundaries–guidelines that we establish to define reasonable, safe, and acceptable limits concerning the actions of others, including how we will respond when others go beyond those limits.

These are very important topics and principles for our lives. We would love to have you join us in our journey to hope, peace, and joy.

Love and prayers to all,

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Weekly Message from August 24th

Weekly Message from Sister Lambert (Missionary)

ood morning sisters. I hope you are doing well and enjoying these hot end-of-summer days. What a crazy but rewarding summer this has been for our family–I hope your have enjoyed time with your families and feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the school year ahead.

I’m excited to be with you tomorrow night as we discuss Step 3: Trust in God. The key principle of Step 3 is: decide to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the step of peace–we make the decision to completely surrender our will and our lives to the Lord. Doing so we are putting ourselves in God’s care–what wonderful, capable, loving hands we can be supported and directed by! We’ll talk again about the analogy of the tandem bike–I think of that often when I try to steer through life’s roads.

One sister said about this step: “After trying to solve my problems my way and having no success, I was at last open to follow the will of the Lord. I had hit bottom! I willingly turned the saving of my own soul and all those I loved, over to my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I trusted Him for the first time to take everything! I will forever and ever be grateful that I have come to understand Step One, my  powerlessness, and fully apply Steps Two and Three. I now practice remembering to rely completely on my Savior’s power, love, tender mercies, and redemption in my life and the lives of those I love. As I practice remembering, He gently guides my steps and I feel His
peace as never before. I believe Him. He is enough. He is everything.

Well said. HE really is everything!

With love and prayers for each of you,

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Weekly message from August 17th

Weekly message from Sister Lambert (missionary)

Good morning, Sisters. I hope you are doing well and getting ready for a new school year and recovery from a busy summer. I love the changes that come from seasons–not just the weather but the seasons of our lives as well.

One of our facilitators, Janna, sent this link to me and I felt that it would be worthwhile for each of you. It’s a talk given by a BYU professor about safeguarding our children against pornography. Here is the blurb: Jason Carroll Ph.D, professor at BYU speaks about how parents can protect and begin to educate their children and teens about the dangers of Pornography. He identifies key ways that parents can handle this important topic.

Pornography and Pornography Addiction has a become a pandemic in our society. Children are being exposed at a very early age, and many are rapidly falling into addictive behaviors. Jason Carroll is an expert on this topic and helps clear the waters on how to move forward and not be scared of addressing this issue.

The video is available at this site:

This week at our meeting we will discuss Appendix 3: identifying unhealthy behaviors and how we can better identify them in order to eliminate the behaviors and be healthier and happier. We will talk about “rescuing behaviors” such as denial and enabling; “persecuting behaviors” such as threats, shame, irrational behaviors, and controlling and manipulating; and “suffering behaviors” such as remaining a victim, the drama triangle, guilt, and worry and fear. Do any of those describe moments or thoughts in your life? I know I’ve experienced (and entertained) all of them at one time or another–and not found solutions or progress when I do. It’s a struggle but we can all become healthier and happier by identifying and understanding the unhealthy behaviors in our lives.What a wonderful gift we can give ourselves and everyone in our lives, not to mention the Savior. This step helps us to “Let Go and Let God.” As Sheri Dew once said, “God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give Him all the pieces.” He wants us to be healthier, happier people and this step is a huge step in the right direction.

I hope you will join us Thursday night as we learn and grow together. Attending the meetings is such a wonderful way to show our support of each other and lift up the heads that hang down (and get ours lifted, as well).

Love and prayers to each of you,

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Weekly Message from August 9th

Message from Sister Lambert (missionary)

Good morning, Sisters. Are you enjoying the beautiful weather? I can’t believe summer is ending so soon–the nights are certainly proving that to be the case. But I do love cool nights and fresh air while snuggled under my comforter!

As I reflect on this summer, especially the last month, I realize that seldom, if ever, in my life have I faced as many challenges all at once as I have recently. I also realize, in retrospect, that the Lord’s tender mercies were abundant and sustaining to me and my family–I’m so grateful for the “love notes” He sends me, even when it takes me a few weeks to look back and “read” them. I realize that recognizing the hand of the Lord in our lives is fundamental in our journey of healing. Such recognition surely gives us HOPE (step 2) in the power of God and in our healing from life’s wounds–as well as strength and hope in our future and the ability and knowledge that we can do hard things (and survive with strength, confidence, and knowledge).

Through Step Two we come to understand that God has the power to restore and heal us. President James E. Faust testified: “I wish to give assurance that there is a sure cure for heartache, disappointment, torment, anguish, and despair. The Psalmist stated, “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” (Ps. 147:3)

I hope you will join us Thursday night as we work together to understand the healing power of God–there is a balm in Gilead, and we can all partake of it.

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Weekly message from August 4th

My last month has been crazy since we moved that month and then I did not have internet for a while at our new location.  But the weekly thoughts from Sister Lambert (missionary) are so wonderful that I would still like to post them.  Forgive me that they are late and coming all at once.

From the first week of August:  I like this quote from Sister Elaine S. Dalton (“He Knows You By Name,” Ensign, May 2005, 109-10): Did you know that Heavenly Father knows you personally–by name?…You may not have heard the Lord call you by name, but he knows each one of you and he knows your name. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, “I testify to you that God has known you individually…for a long, long time (see D & C 93:23). He has loved you for a long, long time. He not only knows the names of all the stars (see Psalm 14:74; Isaiah 40:26); He knows your names and all your heartaches and you joys!”

To me, one of the great lessons that we learn from Joseph Smith’s first vision, was that the Lord does know us by name, just as he knew and called Joseph by name. What a wonderful truth! Tonight Sister Biedel will lead a discussion on Appendix 2: Processing our emotions. As we go through the many different emotions associated with the addiction of our loved one, we can be assured that the Lord is near, that he has suffered each and every emotion and feeling that we experience, and that He knows us by name. At the moment we feel ourselves falling back into painful emotions, we can choose to fall to our knees instead, and surrender our emotional struggles to our Savior and allow His tender mercies and grace to bless our lives. We are learning to let go and let God. A wise person once said, “God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give Him all the pieces.”

So if you have ever felt:

  • Shock and confusion
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Bargaining
  • Resolution and acceptance

PLEASE join your sisters tonight at 7:30 as we share together and gain greater insight into our emotions and how to process them in a healthy way. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is a strong sisterhood available to support you, empathize with you, and embrace you, as well as a loving Savior who loves you and knows you personally, for He knows your name.

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Weekly message

The following is the weekly, uplifting message from one of our special missionaries, Sister Karen Lambert:

Hello, dear sisters. I hope you had a fun holiday and are having a great week. I went to my mom’s new branch on Sunday and heard a delightful talk on “Faith in Every Footstep.” What a great way to think about those who have gone before us as well as the pioneers of today, such as each one of us, who are trodding difficult paths in unknown territories with faith and a belief that the Lord will support us and help us reach our eternal goals.We are pioneers in our fight against pornography and our commitment to forge ahead with faith in every footstep. You are amazing women who show courage and faith to those around you–I know that because I see it and feel it when I am with you. I’m really looking forward to being with you again this week and hope to see familiar as well as new faces in our support group.

There is a very nice video on YouTube and posting often on Facebook that is a visual of one of Elder Holland’s talks on pornography. If you haven’t seen it, please take a minute and watch it: I think it really demonstrates the pornography problem and it’s impact on the family as well as the internal struggle that is so difficult to control.

This week we will be discussing Step 1: KEY PRINCIPLE: Come to admit that we are powerless over the addiction of another and recognize that our lives have become unmanageable. Sometimes (okay, all the time for me) it is hard for some of us who may be control oriented, to admit we are powerless and then to recognize how unmanageable our life has become. We will discuss the Lord’s gift of free agency and how, even if we wanted to, we can not override agency. Admitting that we are powerless over the addiction of another and recognizing how our efforts to control others will make our lives miserable, allows us to begin a healthier way of interacting with our addicted loved ones. Please join us as we work together to understand this important principle and start (or start anew) our new life path with faith in every footstep.

I do hope to see you Thursday night at 7:30! Love and prayers to all, Karen

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Elder Holland’s talk and video

Camburcita would like to share that there is a very nice video on YouTube that is a visual of one of Elder Holland’s talks on pornography. If you haven’t seen it, please take a minute and watch it:

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